We asked Paul O’ Sullivan nutritionist at Dennehy’s Health & Fitness in Blackpool Cork his top tips on food on the go.


‘Life these days can be pretty hectic and often we can only have 5 minutes to grab something to eat.


The easiest option would be to grab a chocolate bar from a vending machine or a sugar filled energy drink to get you through the next few hours. However often these food choices are lacking in quality nutrients that lead to highs and lows of blood sugar levels which then results in irregular energy levels and cravings.


For many it’s learning what snacks to eat that will help provide their body with the nutrients it needs and help consistent energy levels throughout the day.


Here are some easy tips to snack smart on the go


  1. Plan your snacks. Never leave the house without keeping in mind you will want to eat throughout the day. Plan ahead your snacks so you know what to eat rather than going hungry and then reaching for that sweet fix.
  2. Look at nutrient combinations such as carbohydrates and either protein/fats so you have a source of sustained energy. Good snack options would be

Fruit and nuts

Rice cakes and nut butter

Natural yogurt and berries


If you know the day ahead will be hectic and you more than likely won’t be able to sit down to a meal then a nutrient dense meal shake is a convenient option.

Simply blend natural yogurt, oats banana, and nut butter together adjusting the quantities to suit your needs and store in a shaker so you have a nutrient dense option when on the go.

Healthy eating should not be seen as a burden and an extra stress to a already hectic life. With some careful planning and the right choices then you will help eliminate any last minute stresses of decisions on what to eat, save money by buying in bulk rather than popping into the shop every day and overall create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.’


Paul @Dennehy’s Health & Fitness Blackpool