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Jump Juice Loyalty Card

Jump Juice Loyalty Card

The Fuel Good Loyalty Card is the fun new way of earning free stuff in Jump Juice Bars! Earn points every time you purchase something in store, and you can redeem those points against your next purchase, or even save them up to get something for free! You must register your card to redeem the points, so fill out the form below and you can be earning points straight away! For every €1 you spend, you earn 7 points, so the more you spend, the more point you earn – pretty easy isn’t it?

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Why should you register?

Ah, ‘cos it’s the new fun way to earn free drinks ! Once you register your Fuel Good Card, you can start earning points! The more points you earn, the faster you can redeem them against anything in store! So, you can earn a free smoothie, juice, crepe, you name it! You can even get a cheeky discount against your next product by using the points you have – nice! So why not, JUMP to it & register! You can’t earn points until your card is registered though so best to get ahead of the crowd and fill out the form below!

The Juicy Benefits

Collect points every time you buy something in Jump Juice Bars. 1 point = 1 cent so once you hit the exact points for your preferred item – you can get it for free! Simply register with your email address and you can be the first to know about promotions, offers and deals we have in store before anyone else gets to find out! Only keep one card for Jump Juice Bars and all our points will add up on the one card!

How it Works

  1. Pick up your new Fuel Good card from any Jump Juice Bars and our staff member will print out that card number which you can then go online and register with!
  2. Once registered, you go into Jump, you order something, you give your card to be scanned, you get points for that transaction, and boom you have earned points on your loyalty card! Its just that easy!
  3. This loyalty card can be used in all of our Jump Juice Bars nationwide.  Just click here to find your nearest store:  “click here
  4.  Check your points balance at any Jump Juice Bars nationwide