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Jump juice bars serve up a selection of mouth watering,nutritious, energising fresh juices and smoothies for the active person on the go.

Jump juices and smoothies:

  • are packed full with natural ingredients
  • are made fresh to order
  • deliver on average 2 of your recommended daily servings of fruit and veg
  • are crammed with vitamins and minerals


Choose from 36 juice and smoothie menu items or try our delicious JUMP frozen yogurt ‘Toppers range’. Also available at select stores is our yummy pick n mix nut offering Nut Hut, IDEE Coffee (our stomach friendly coffee) or our range of of premium loose leaf teas and crepes.

Nutrition & Allergens

People suffering from severe fruit, nut and /or peanut allergies should be aware that although we will try to ensure that all products only contain the ingredients stated in the recipe, we cannot guarantee this and traces of other fruits, nuts or peanuts may find their way into products. For detailed nutritional and allergen data on all our products please click on the image below.

Download Nutritional Information PDF

We all know how fruit and veg is good for us. What we do is give you your favourite fruit and veg in a format convenient for you and your busy lifestyle.
Our juices are made using the whole fresh fruit and vegetables which are pushed through a juicer to remove the life giving vitamins and minerals in the form of juice from the pulp.
Our smoothies are made by combining juice or milk with whole fruit and frozen natural yoghurt which are all then blended together. No waste in what is a meal in a cup.

Just so you know:

  • All our juices and smoothies are blended, squeezed, made fresh to order right in front of you.
  • All Jump smoothies are made with 98% fat free frozen pro biotic natural yoghurt