This month we’re taking healthy eating head on! We are swapping some of our favourite foods we know aren’t too good for us with a smoothie/juice alternative. Here are some food items we will be swapping for smoothies and juices this month;

Berry Cheesecake: We’re going to have a Berry Blitz smoothie instead of the cake as it contains mixed berries, banana, orange juice and natural frozen yogurt.



Mango Cheesecake: We are swapping one of our all time favourites for a mango magic smoothie which contains mango, peach, pineapple, melon, orange juice and mango frozen yogurt



Pineapple Tarte Tatin: Pineapple is such a delicious fruit and goes just as well in a juice as it does in a tarte. We are opting for the Jump Flu Fighter with pineapple, oranges, strawberries and lemon. Jam packed with Vitamin C, this juice will set you up the cold autumn weather ahead.


Peanut Butter Cake: We love peanut butter in cakes but they’re also super delicious in smoothies. We having the Gym Nut boosted smoothies instead this month which has peanut butter, banana, low fat milk, natural frozen yogurt and a protein boost giving you 20g of protein in this boosted smoothie.



Banana Split: Banana, ice cream and mixed berries are such a delicious combo but so are banana, mixed berries and frozen yogurt which are the contents of our Berry Blitz pictured here. We also have another smoothie that would be great for swapping your banana split with, it’s the Monkey Moo, which has banana, low fat milk, honey and natural frozen yogurt. Check out our menu for more alternative options!