Here at Jump, we are working every day towards being more sustainable.

Since we opened in Waterford in 2003, we have been constantly revising and improving our packaging and operations to reduce our impact on the planet.



The straws we use in-store are 100% compostable.

they’re custom-made triple-layered, made from paper – meaning they are much stronger than your average paper straw💪🏽 We’re jumping away from soggy straws😉

Our Cups

Our reusable cups hold a large juice or smoothie and are available to buy in-store or online.

The cups are €6 each or €10 including a large juice or smoothie (making the perfect gift for that sustainability friend who you never know what to buy for!) & you can save 20c on menu prices when used in store!

Not to worry if you forget your reusable cup, our in-store cups are made using 100% recyclable plastic (PET1). Just give em’ a rinse, leave em’ dry & pop em’ into your recycling bin♻️

Delivery Packaging

The Jump Juice mission is to leave as little impact on the planet as possible with what we do! As a result, we have sourced both recyclable and compostable packaging to use for delivery. Throw your straw into your compost bin and make sure everything else is clean and dry before popping them into your recycling bin to help us achieve this mission (but sure we don’t need to tell you that 😅🤞🏻)!

Sustainable Station

You’ll find a Sustainable Station in every store!

OR, you can shop our range here:

Metal Straw Pack – including straws in all shapes & sizes and a straw cleaner to bring the sparkle back after you use them✨ €3

Water Bottle – holds 700ml, is spill-proof and makes the perfect accessory😀 €5

Reusable cup – fits a large juice or smoothie, €6 on its own or €10 filled with any large juice/smoothie on our menu🥤

Our Beehive!

As of May 2021, Jump Juice is a beehive owner🐝

Thanks to Cork-based company, Blackwater honey we are able to do our part in saving the bees💪🏽

Bees are central to a sustainable food supply and are thought to contribute to the production of a whopping 1/3 of all global food production! #SaveTheBees