Did you know we have a range of snacks available for you to grab with your smoothie on the go?

Nut Hut > There is a nut hut available in most stores where you can grab a nut bag full of goodies to take with you. Some of the flavors available are almonds, korean hot rice crackers, chocolate raisins, banana chips, honey peanuts, chocolate peanuts, hot chilli cashew nuts and many more.

nut hut at Jump Juice Bars

Protein bars > We have Kinetica protein bars available at the till point. Choose from cookies & cream flavour, fruit & nut, choc orange and toffee flavour.

kinetica protein bars available at jump juice bars

Flapjacks > We love these delicious and nutritious snacks to grab on the go with a smoothie or juice. There is original flapjack, fruity flapjack and milk chocolate flapjack available at the till point.

flapjack snacks at jump juice bars

We would love to hear from you if you had suggestions on more snacks you would like to see at Jump Juice. Keep an eye out for more snacks being added also over the next few weeks 😉