Are you feeling like you don’t get enough fruits and veggies? We hear ya!! Although we are very much aware that fruits & veggies are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber it is sometimes hard to get them into our diets.

We have put together some of our top tips to help you get some more fruits & veggies into your diet;

  1. Grab a juice from your nearest Jump Juice Bar and jam pack it with fruits & veggies
  2. Add fruits and veggies you do not like into smoothies/juices
  3. Add veggies to soups and sauces
  4. Made a different salad everyday to mix up the different types of veggies you are having
  5. Mix different types of veggies into omelettes
  6. Mix fruits into yogurts
  7. Lay a bed of spinach under meals and mix together.
  8. Cut veggies into smaller sizes to mix in with meals
  9. Add veggies to favourite sauces and gradually reduce the amount of sauce used
  10. Mix veggies with baked beans to add flavour

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