limited edition avocado range now in store…

Avocado is a fruit though often treated like a vegetable which originated in Mexico and Central America. Avocado’s flavoursome creamy texture makes it an excellent mixer and is no longer just the star of Mexican food and can be found in many pasta, sushi and salad dishes.  We now officially welcome it to a range of delicious juices and smoothies

avacado tent


Why Avocados?

Avocados were deemed by the Guinness World Book Of Records to be the worlds most nutritious fruit and among other things:

Contain good fats that may help lower cholestrol
Contain 20 key vitamins and minerals including being high in Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5 & B6 and Vitamin E.
Are a good source of fibre

The Nutrition Bit

Nutritionally dense some key nutritional data on our avocado juice and smoothie range are below: